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Emergency Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) for export shipments from
Mainland China & Hong Kong
Dear Valued Customer,
Due to recent unexpected and very significant increases in key factors impacting shipping
operational costs, MCC is implementing an emergency charge globally.
For exports from Mainland China & Hong Kong, we will introduce an emergency Peak Season
Surcharge (PSS). The surcharge will apply to all export shipments on all trades from Mainland
China & Hong Kong, and it will be effective 1 st July 2018. The emergency PSS will also apply to
corridors that already have a PSS.
The surcharge tariffs are as follows:
20’ Dry / 20’ Reefer
40’ Dry / 40’ HC /
40’ Reefer
Mainland China & Hong
Kong origins to All
USD 25  USD 50  USD 50
The emergency charge level will be reviewed as and when significant increase or reduction of
key shipping cost elements occurs.
We thank you for your understanding and continued support. Should you have any questions,
concerns or clarifications, you may reach out to your local MCC Transport representatives.
Yours Faithfully,
MCC Transport Singapore Pte. Ltd
*For details on charges to Russia, please contact your local MCC Transport representatives
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